Brod & Taylor Fold Away Bread Proofer

Brod & Taylor Fold Away Bread Proofer

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Item Code: BT1234
Brod & Taylor
Brod & Taylor Fold Away Bread Proofer

 Makes baking home-made bread easier than ever. This new and fantastic product brings an end to the hit and miss of bread proofing. The Brod & Taylor bread proofer gives an optimal proofing environment for dough, without the need for cumbersome equipment. Set the digital temperature control, (21-49°C) and let your dough rise to perfection. You can even keep an eye on your expanding dough through the clear viewing window. Cleverly designed to fold flat when not in use between bread baking sessions. A small water dish is included with the bread proofer.The proofer is also a whizz at  making home-made yoghurt. Cultures up to 8 litres in under 4 hours.

Safely melt chocolate. Slow, risk free melting without scorching.

Hold chocolate at ideal working temperature after tempering. It works like a dream at melting and tempering chocolate for the silkiest, shiniest finish.

10 Amp power, 200 Watts.

Dimensions 46x37x7cmH (when folded flat for storage)

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